Greek tomato products

Tomatelios is a range of delicious tomato products. The range includes thick tomato juice ideal for cooking, tempting sun-dried tomato pastes, sun-dried tomatoes with traditional and unusual flavors for the more adventurous and a deliciously convenient Mediterranean risotto with sun-dried tomatoes and spices. The Tomatelios’ range offers a wide variety of products to add an extra special touch to any dish.

What makes Tomatelios special?


The Tomatelios range includes tomato products suitable for vegans and non vegans with traditional flavors and more exotic flavor combinations to suit different preferences in taste. Read more...



Passion and taste

Tomatelios are lovingly produced by a family company that cares. We use our own recipes making our products full of eastern Mediterranean flavor. 100% Greek products benefiting from the best conditions to grow and sundry the best tomatoes the Mediterranean has to offer. Our sun kissed products are produced locally in central Greece, an area famous for the fertile and rich valley. Read more...


Full of flavor and goodness

Fourteen kilos of fresh tomatoes are required to produce one kilo of sun-dried tomatoes. When fresh tomatoes are dried under the sun they retain their nutritional values making Tomatelios deliciously rich in lycopene, antioxidants and vitamin C. Read more...

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We are bringing the Greek Tomatelios' sunshine to SIAL Paris. Visit us at the stand Number 1 B 138

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Full control over the entire process

We have over forty years experience in farming providing great care and knowhow in all the stages of production. To provide you with the tastiest tomato products we produce the tomato seedlings, control the cultivation through all stages and select the finest product for our product range.  Our sun-dried product range is dried under natural conditions in a safe controlled environment respecting strict hygiene standards. Read more...

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We love tomatoes and we pack this passion for our work in every single jar we produce. Try Tomatelios today and discover a range of sun kissed products full of goodness and taste that are naturally Greek. For more information and to place orders contact us