Tomatelios is a family company, our story dates back to the 1920s when the family lived nearby Istanbul (part of Greece in the 20s).  Forced by the war and as part of population interchange between Greece and Turkey, the family was sent back to Greece as refugees.

The family brought back very little, however in our hearts we carried our love for farming and recipes of eastern Mediterranean food. Being close to our farming roots in the 70s the family started Kourtoglou,  a business specialized in the construction of agricultural machinery. Thirty years later the family created Fitoplus, a business specialized in the production of vegetable and tomato seedlings. Having a passion for agriculture and good food the family started Tomatelios, a range of delicious sundried tomato products.

We wanted to make Tomatelios special, so we use our family’s recipes full of Mediterranean flavor and we also provide great care in all the stages of production. To provide you with the tastiest sundried tomato products we produce the tomato seedlings, control the cultivation through all stages and select the finest product to dry them under natural conditions.


We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we love producing them.For more information and to place orders contact us.

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