Naturally Greek


Tomatelios is a range of delicious traditional sundried tomatoes available with different aromatic herbs. The range also includes tomato paste from sundried tomatoes. We wanted to make Tomatelios special, so we use our family’s recipes full of eastern Mediterranean flavor. We also provide great care and knowhow in all the stages of production. Our sun kissed products are sourced and produced locally in Greece in the region of central Macedonia, famous for the fertile and rich valley.


Sun dried tomatoe pasta

Sundried tomato pasta

Full of flavor and goodness

Fourteen kilos of fresh tomatoes are required to produce one kilo of sun-dried tomatoes. When fresh tomatoes are dried under the sun they retain their nutritional values making Tomatelios deliciously rich in lycopene, antioxidants and vitamin C.


A family affair

Tomatelios are lovingly produced by our family company and benefit from our forty years of experience in the agricultural sector. We produce the seedlings, control the cultivation through all stages and we select the finest product to dry them under natural conditions in a safe controlled environment respecting strict hygienic standards.

We love tomatoes and we pack this passion for our work in every single jar we produce. Try Tomatelios today and discover a world full of goodness and taste that is naturally Greek. Do you want to know more? Get in touch

Tomatelios sun dried tomatoes

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